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The future of
Condition Monitoring
is here!

Datum Hawk System able to provide condition monitoring of the engine along with every cylinder in real time.

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What is Datum Hawk?

Datum Hawk is an advanced self-learning condition monitoring system, capable of analysing each individual cylinder of the engine from the dynamic torque signature. Coupled with the Datum Shaft Power Meter, Datum Hawk represents the ultimate sensor system for real-time condition-based ship monitoring, allowing for sharply-focused preventative maintenance, thereby providing savings of both time and money.

Datum Hawk is a “Smart”, intelligent system, capable of carrying out the torsional signature analysis of main engine(s), auxiliary engine(s) and diesel generator(s), giving a true insight into the vessel’s mechanical health.


Datum Hawk analyses the dynamic torque from engine output shafts, identifying and quantifying individual cylinder actions, as well as changes in the engine dynamics, related to potential failure modes.

Live Monitoring of each cylinder enables defects and changes in the engine performance to be identified before an event occurs.

All Engines have their own Unique Profile. Datum Hawk identifies each cylinder & records the Engine Profile from the Torque Signature at 2,000 samples per second.

A quantum leap in shaft power measurement, Datum Hawk enables Live monitoring of the engine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with data that is simple to interpret and display.

The self-learning methodology, capable of predicting events in advance of any critical failures, is developed to reduce vessel and engine down-time and optimise ship propulsion efficiency.

When combined with Fuel Flow Meters, Datum Hawk can display real-time Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (g/kWh), essential data for optimal vessel performance.

Datum Hawk enables the engine to be run at peak performance, reducing Fuel Usage and therefore Emission Levels.

Datum Hawk Features

Diesel Hawk New Screen - Live Engine Tab (Datum)
The live engine performance dashboard displays all the current data regarding the vessel’s speed (rpm), power (MW), torque (kNm) and fuel consumption (ton/hr). It provides visibility of the engine's current performance versus a self-learning baseline, vital for performance optimisation. The baseline is calculated using state of the art modelling techniques and is customised to each engine.

Information is transmitted 24/7 to the Touchscreen panel PC, which can be mounted in the engine control room or on the bridge, giving the crew full visibility of the engine condition & performance.

Assessment of the engine’s health condition in realtime enables the optimum performance to be maintained at all times.
The historical engine performance dashboard enables the crew to access data from any specific event by simply selecting the date and time period from the onscreen calendar. This is a fantastic tool for review and analysis of past events, geared towards a deeper understanding of the vessel and great aid for improving maintenance planning.
The reports dashboard shows information, which includes power (MW), torque (kNm), speed (rpm) and fuel consumption (ton/hr), for a specific date.

These reports can be downloaded on-board or (if integrated into the ship's network) sent ashore for ship owner, fleet operators and technical teams to analyse and review.

The reports data can be easily exported as .pdf or .csv documents at the touch of a button. It is also locally stored on the hard drive, archiving the data so that it can be accessed if & when required.


FeaturesDatum Marine SPM*Datum Marine SPM + Datum Hawk System
Contactless & Maintenance Free
Multiple Analogue & Digital Data Outputs
Shaft diameter: from 140mm to 1,600mm
Optional Thrust Measurement
Real Time Data Logging & Reporting
Sample Rate: Up to 2,000 sps-
Predictive Maintenance Capabilities-
Self Learning AI Algorithms -
Live Engine Performance Monitoring -
Engine Profiling-
Specific Fuel and Oil Consumption (SFOC) Measurements-
Fast ROI
*For more information about Datum Marine Shaft Power Meter system visit:

Here's How It Helped Others

Orders Made

Fuel Saved (Tons/Year)

Money Saved

  • 'Datum Hawk is expected to provide a breakthrough change in the market, allowing for integrated decision support for marine engine condition assessment, as well as providing data analysis. The system will effectively detect engine's inefficient operation and advise on required maintenance tasks, thus increasing the vessel operational efficiency, reducing operating cost and environmental impact.'

    Dr Gerasimos Theotokatos Naval Architecture Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
  • 'Datum Hawk gives the best insight into our vessels' performance. It enables us to improve our maintenance plans and optimise our engine performance across the fleet.'

    Nick Sice Ship Owner & Managing Director, Faversham Ships
  • 'The Datum Hawk data is simple to view and allows the crew to see how vessel is performing in real time.'

    Megan Merritt Technical Co-ordinator, Faversham Ships

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