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Live Launch on Wednesday, June, 3, 2020

3pm BST / 12PM EST

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After spending years working with Innovate UK & The University of Strathclyde, profiling diesel generators (DGs), listening to the needs of our customers and collaborating with on-site engineering teams globally to gather information, and many months of running algorithms, coupled with many months of design, development and testing, we are proud to introduce our latest advanced self-learning condition monitoring system, capable of analysing each individual cylinder of the engine from the dynamic torque signature. Coupled with the Datum Shaft Power Meter, Datum Hawk represents the ultimate sensor system for real-time condition-based ship monitoring, allowing for sharply-focused preventative maintenance, thereby providing savings of both time and money.

Datum Hawk is an all in one solution, offering real time analysis into Power output, engine speed, torque, fuel flow, SFOC and much more. At 2000 samples per second, the system can detect problem quickly and display invaluable information for each cylinder of an engine separately, providing you with the up to date status of your engine.


James Lees, Datum Electronics

Welcome & Introduction


Mark Gladdis, Datum Electronics

Origins and What is Datum Hawk?


Dr. Gerasimos Theotokatos, Strathclyde University

Real Benefits of Condition Monitoring


Konstantinos Tsitsilonis, Datum Electronics

Datum Hawk: How It Works?


Stephen Woodhouse, Innovate UK

Harnessing the Power of Condition Monitoring


Cris Crossley, World-Leading Cruise Company

Value of Predictive Maintenance for Cruise Industry


Dr. Gerasimos Theotokatos, Strathclyde University

Let's Talk ROI: How Much Can You Really Save?


Q&A Session & Wrapping Up


Here's How We've Helped So Far

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Fuel Saved (Tons/Year)

Money Saved

  • 'Datum Hawk is expected to provide a breakthrough change in the market, allowing for integrated decision support for marine engine condition assessment, as well as providing data analysis. The system will effectively detect engine's inefficient operation and advise on required maintenance tasks, thus increasing the vessel operational efficiency, reducing operating cost and environmental impact.'

  • 'The Datum Hawk data is simple to view and allows the crew to see how vessel is performing in real time.'

  • 'Datum Hawk gives the best insight into our vessels' performance. It enables us to improve our maintenance plans and optimise our engine performance across the fleet.'



2000 samples per second, engine dynamic calculations and direct on shaft gauging permits the minutest of sense signal is recorded, analysed and parsed into tangible class leading dynamic data.

Fully designed and manufactured in the UK you can expect the highest quality levels of components, customer service and support.

The modularity permits systems to be delivered to site without the need of costly time consuming surveys, and the modular belt provides fully adjustable fitting to shaft.                             .                     

The modular belt permits hardware to be despatched immediately, with the fastest delivery times in the market to accommodate the tightest of deadlines.

Our UK Field Service Team is available to travel and install the system anywhere in the world. We also have a network of fully trained ¬†and certified installation teams spanning the globe.                         

The 2 year manufacturer RTB warranty offered on Datum Hawk Systems is standard. We also offer 3, 4 and 5 year extension options.

Live Monitoring of each cylinder enables defects and changes in the engine performance to be identified before an event occurs.                

The self-learning methodology, capable of predicting events in advance of any critical failures, is developed to reduce vessel and engine down-time and optimise ship propulsion efficiency.

All Engines have their own Unique Profile. Datum Hawk identifies each cylinder & records the Engine Profile from the Torque Signature at 2,000 samples per second.

When combined with Fuel Flow Meters, Datum Hawk can display real-time Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (g/kWh), essential data for optimal vessel performance.

Our UK Field Service Team is available to travel to anywhere in the world to install the system. We also have a network of fully trained and certified installation teams spanning the globe.

Datum Hawk enables the engine to be run at peak performance, reducing Fuel Usage and therefore Emission Levels.